a youth movement. DEMO is a platform for democracy, demonstration and for the demolition of the demons. DEMO is the attempt to come together and form a collective We, “a tender form of power”, like the German writer Carolin Emcke called it. DEMO crosses party lines. DEMO is fun. And DEMO firmly believes in the first article of the German constitution: “Human dignity shall be inviolable”. This is why DEMO stands against racism, sexism and nationalism. DEMO believes that the freedom of the media is the basis for a functioning democracy. DEMO is for everyone. DEMO is strongly convinced that it is time to wake up, to put an end to laziness and to get politically active again. This begins with speaking, listening, arguing, it peaks in voting, and it never ends. Those who are DEMO believe in the beautiful, the true, the good. And because this sentence sounds so ironic in our age, it is time for a new youth movement. DEMO does not shoot for any less than saving our humanity. DEMO is an experiment with an open end.

came to be because

the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America happened not as a surprise, but while the world watched for over a year how all political decency got lost with him and his rhetoric. the lines that define what one can or cannot say shifted so greatly as a consequence of Trump’s campaign that even violent hate crimes do not seem impossible any more but are approved by highest authorities. in Germany, Europe, and the whole world right wing populists are trying to do politics based on our fears. Trump’s election was a victory of hate over love, of lie over truth, of disdain over empathy. And every human being is afflicted by this hate, by these lies, by this disdain. No matter where.

wants to

tour Germany. Because in the year of 2017, a new parliament will be elected in Germany. The goal of DEMO is to visit all German federal states, throughout the countryside. DEMO is about personal encounters. Because the power that lies within looking a stranger in the eye in conversation trumps any Facebook-twitter-comment-section-discussion. We want to tell those who feel ignored: You, that’s us. Let’s discuss! About terms such as home, identity, decency, and justice. At the core, this is all about meeting one another. DEMO wants to motivate people to vote, but not to elect a certain party. DEMO wants to convey democratic values, and DEMO wants to awaken a certain political confidence in young voters, in first voters and in non-voters. Because every vote counts.